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User Manual

The Guide of Lingoes Translator


  1. Download setup file of Lingoes Translator from into your hard disk.
  2. Double click the setup file and run it for installing.
  3. Click next button step by step until finish the setup.

Attention please:

  • Please download the setup file from or other website which be authorized by Lingoes.
  • Please shut up anti-virus and firewall apps for installing without trouble before installing.

Setup Lingoes Translator

Now Lingoes Translator has been installed into your Windows OS. You'd better have a setup for using with facility in advance.

First, start Lingoes Translator. Click "Configuration" on left side of main interface to activate the panel of Configuration.

Cursor Translator

Click "Translator" tag.

  • Mouse-over
  • Left Mouse Button: move cursor over targeted word and press left mouse and hotkey to translate.
  • Right Mouse Button: move cursor over targeted word and press right mouse and hotkey to translate.
  • Middle Mouse Button: move cursor over targeted word and press middle mouse and hotkey to translate.
  • Time Delay: delayed time to run above action.


Then, click tag General to set up.

  • Select the search engine to use for searching the web
  • Searched words saved in history
  • Run Lingoes when login Windows
  • Minimize after startup



  • Open main window: activate main interface of Lingoes.
  • Pronounce: speak selected text.
  • Copy content in translation: copy all content in result area.
  • Cursor Translator toggle key: turn on/off cursor translation.
  • Clipboard Translator toggle key: turn on/off clipboard translation.



  • Volume: adjust volume of voice.
  • Pitch: adjust pitch of voice.
  • Speed: adjust speed of voice.
  • Real-time pronunciation: speak it while the word is caught up by Lingoes.

If you need more TTS, or you cannot hear the pronunciation, you can click "Download TTS Speech Engine & Language Pack..." to visit and download related files.

Install and Setup Dictionaries

  1. Click Dictionaries... to activate dictionaries manager;
  2. Lingoes Dictionaries Manager includes three parts:
    • Installed Dictionaries: input words and press Enter to look it up.
    • Index Group: input words to look previous and next entry in one dictionary.
    • Cursor Translator Group: for mini window of cursor translator.
  3. Click "Install from Lingoes" to visit by a pop-up website browser and download more dictionaries, double-click the dictionary file to install it into Lingoes Translator.

Look up words and more

  1. First, find
  2. Press Enter key after type words in blank:
  3. You may click related dictionary on the right side of Lingoes to browse the definition.
  4. To get more result about the words, you can still type the words in searching engine on right side of Lingoes and press Enter key, a new internet browser will open and you can get related searching result.

Tips: Lingoes provides plenty of searching engines, you can find more out in the list.

Full Text Translation

You can input several sentences in Lingoes and get translation result by this features while you cannot understand it or want to learn the article written by foreign language quickly.

  1. Press button "Translation" on the tool bar:
  2. Input original in blank textbox, then choose translate engine and original language and target language, click button "Translate", you will get the result sooner.
  3. The result mustn't be exact without any mistake. You can change other engines to get more results and compare their translation.

Attention: The feature need online.

Pronounce selected text

Lingoes can take advantage of TTS in Windows to pronunce word, phrase, sentence. You can listen other language by installing more TTS engines.

  1. Input word, and press Enter.
  2. Click or press hotkey after selecting text you need listen.
  3. Then you can hear pronunciation of the text.

Copy, print and save result of searching

Lingoes allows you to copy, print, save the result of words:

  1. First, select the word, idiom or sentense you need.
  2. Then you can see the icons on the toolbar:
    • : Copy
    • : Save
    • : Print
  3. Click button Print to print content of word in the result.


Lingoes provides plenty of data and information for searching.

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