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Language Packs
Lingoes supports the use of languages other than English for its user interface.
To add a new language to Lingoes, download one of the files below.
Uncompress & Copy it into "Lingoes Installation Folder\lang\",
Open Lingoes configuration window and select the language from the language choice control.
If you're interested in creating a language pack for your own native language, we'd be happy to assist
however we can. To get started, download the Language Pack Template below and alter the text in
the "lang-template.ini" file as appropriate. To post the language here, send it to
Official Language Packs

  Author:  Lingoes Project
Note:  Updated for Lingoes 2.9.1
Language Pack Template
Use this template to develop new language packs for Lingoes.
User-Contributed Language Packs
If you find any issues with the following language packs, think you can make them even better or want to contribute new ones, please contact, Many thanks to all those who have created language packs!
Languages Author Version Comments Download
العربية  (Arabic) Sameer Masrahi 2.0.0+   Download
Abdulmajeed 2.5.0+   Download
Беларускі  (Belarusian) Yury Yatsynovich 2.4.5+   Download
Български  (Bulgarian) Stefan Stefanov 2.4.5+   Download
ខ្មែរ  (Khmer) Sovichet Tep 2.7.1+   Download
Català  (Catalan) Woonaval 2.6.3+   Download
简体中文  (Chinese Simplified) Lingoes Project 2.9.1   Download
繁體中文  (Chinese Traditional) Nelson 2.9.1   Download
Čeština  (Czech) Vladimír Běhal 2.6.1+   Download
Nederlands  (Dutch) Frank de Kort 2.7.1+   Download
English Lingoes Project 2.9.1+   Download
Suomi (Finnish) Veikko Muurikainen 2.8.1+   Download
Français  (French) Dagomet JP 2.9.1+   Download
William Baumgartner 2.5.3+   Download
Deutsch  (German) Beat Bosshard 2.7.6+   Download
Ελληνικά (Greek) Georgios AGATHOS 2.6.2+   Download
עברית (Hebrew) Joe Shachaf 2.5.3+   Download
Eyal Schachner 2.5.3+   Download
Magyar  (Hungarian) Zityi 2.7.5+   Download
Bahasa Indonesia  (Indonesian) Sugeng 2.7.1+   Download
Italiano  (Italian) Renminds, Paolo Xia 2.6.3+   Download
日本語  (Japanese) Feng,
Koichi Ohashi,
2.8.1+   Download
Қазақ  (Kazakh) Asset Orymbayev (Tyltranslate) 2.8.1+   Download
한국어  (Korean) Moonseok Kim 2.5.3+   Download
Latviešu  (Latvian) Arvis Lācis 2.6.2+   Download
Bahasa Melayu  (Malaysia) Adipati, Cwkhor 2.6.3+   Download
नेपाली - देवनागरी (Nepali - Devanagari) Thomas Shrestha 2.4.2+   Download
فارسى  (Persian) Hamid Zaeri 2.7.1+   Download
Polski  (Polish) Byru 2.0.0+   Download
Português  (Portuguese) David J. Andrade 2.7.6+   Download
Português - Brasil  (Portuguese - Brazil) David Jardim Andrade 2.9.1+   Download
Русский  (Russian) Alexander Chernykh 2.7.1+   Download
Српски  (Serbian) Иван Старчевић 2.7.5+   Download
Español  (Spanish) eTaTuS 2.0.0+   Download
ไทย  (Thai) Anchan 2.4.5+   Download
Türkçe  (Turkish) Hasan Taşdelen 2.0.0+   Download
Українська (Ukrainian) Andrii Krokhmalnyi 2.5.3+   Download
ئۇيغۇرچە  (Uyghur ) Nur Muhemmed Ismaiyil 2.9.0+   Download
Uyghurche - Latin  (Uyghurche - Latin) Nur Muhemmed Ismaiyil 2.9.0+   Download
O‘zbek  (Uzbek) Orzu Samarqandiy 2.6.3+   Download
Ўзбек - Ўзбекистон  (Uzbek - Cyrillic - Uzbekistan) Orzu Samarqandiy 2.6.3+   Download
Tiếng Việt  (Vietnamese) garung online 2.0.0+   Download

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